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Let´s get married… — 4 Comments

  1. Can’t believe he won’t wear the wedding ring after the wedding. The not liking jewelry excuse is pretty lame. Come on, Kate, whip him into shape!

    I’m not a royalist or an anti-royalist, I’m simply curious and will watch on the bbc (I’ll record it though, don’t fancy spending the day glued to the telly) because I think it will be a big part of national history (and to gossip about the hats and outfits of course!).

  2. I was curious, excited and loved watching it. I found the ceremony a bit boring (I’m not a great fan of religious hymns) but I was one of those glued to the telly… I am not a royalist.. I mean, I couldn’t care less about royal families around the world, but I DO love weddings and this one was a big one 🙂

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