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  1. I think I gained 10 lbs. just reading this. 😉 You have a very world wide palette. I haven’t tried half the different cuisine you have. I have had authentic Mexican food and it is one of my favourite things.

  2. In 2009 on my first visit to London I had a wonderful pup dinner at The Hereford Arms
    127 Gloucester Road South Kensington. Lovely delicious food. Rented a flat on Weatherby Place and just became part of the neighborhood. Here in San Francisco we like London have a myriad of cultures and cuisines. But we are most famous for our Seafood and Chinese food. (The largest Chinese population outside of China!) But my favorites are the wonderful Italian restaurants in North Beach. (The old Barbary Coast) Cafe Roma, Moose, Steps of Rome, The Stinking Rose, and Vesuvio are tops. (jsut to wet your whistle) and in my neiborhood it is all French, Jardiniere, Absinthe, and La Vie. I could go on ……

  3. Brilliant post. I have a little guide book that I got from my uni entitled Multicultural London. It maps out the various areas by nationality. I used to live in the Greek/Turkish area up north and now live in the Sri Lankan area in south. Food and lack thereof is so important in our society. Also when travelling, so I always like to eat local food where ever I go. It boggles my mind that people will travel and still want to eat western cuisine which is some of the worse in the world in my opinion. My favourites are Japanese and Thai.

    I’ve tried almost all the cuisines on your list, with the exception of 5 or so. I am going to Iceland soon and am interested in trying out Scandinavian food. Jamaican can be really heavy but a lot of Jamaicans are vegetarians so that side of the food is a lot lighter. While I have not yet been to to Notting Hill Carnival I have to say it can’t be the best place to get Jamaican in London. Brixton is definitely the place to go as it is basically ‘Little Jamaica’. It really depends though, random food shops around the city could be even better as I’ve had food from a place in Croydon that is the best I’ve had in this country yet. I am biased though, growing up eating Jamaican food I am very critical of the flavours.

  4. Nice to read a fellow culinary traveler’s food recommendations! When I travel, I like to eat in places where the locals eat to take in the tasty food and the atmosphere. When I am in London, I have no problem finding food from many different cultures so I like that. I find that it is a city that offers the best culinary delights compared to other major cities in the EU.

      • Oh, I love a lot of different foods and I am always craving to try new foods. Italian food is my favourite cuisine – – I have a carbohydrate obsession in the form of breads, pasta, and desserts! Yes, and after what happened and the hours I spent with straightening out the logistics of the car damage and my medical check up that day, I was most annoyed at the fact that I had to cancel my plans to try out a new Vietnamese restaurant that same night, haha.

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