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The Closing Ceremony & Picnic 2012 Olympics — 7 Comments

  1. I’m glad you decided to share the day with us. It is nice to get a first hand account of the day. I opted to not watch the closing ceremonies, but caught the occasional piece when ever I was in front of a TV. I did see Eric Idle and part of The Who. I’m really sorry I missed Annie Lennox as she is my fav. I look forward to hearing your take on the Paralympics.

  2. I was wondering about Annie’s makeup, till the commentary informed me that LIttle Bird was from Dracula – suddenly made perfect sense! Ray Davies really needs to do something with that hair. Spice Girls were fun, as were Madness.

    I was thoroughly enjoying the ceremony till one of my sons came home drunk. He is a loud, sloppy, happy drunk. It was the LOUD I couldn’t cope with, so had to replay the last 40 mins or so the next day.

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