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Simple Pleasures — 7 Comments

  1. I’d add a quiet chat in a small café, a beer with friends in a pub, Hamley’s, and some more that right now I don’t remember 🙂
    From your list, I pushed myself to pick only two (I’d pick the ten!): 1 and 8 😀

  2. Wonderful idea for a post, and a great list– I love ’em all! I only had the chance to visit London once back in the mid-80’s. I’d read so much about it, I couldn’t believe I was there. A special memory, for sure.

    How about browsing in an old bookshop, especially on a rainy day? And it turns out there’s free coffee and pastries?– might as well add the proper bells and whistles!! : )

    • Thank you for visiting! Yes, that´s surely one of the faves, as it is browsing in charity book shops like the Oxfam bookshops. It feels comforting in this tech age, being a tech enthusiast myself!

  3. Love this post! I lived in London for a short 2.5 years, and I miss it immensely! Your No.1 is my absolutely favourite thiing to do in London, especially on a spring or autumn day. I would add:
    lighting candles, putting on some jazz and making a homecooked meal for a night in on a colr or rainy night (of which there are MANY in London!)

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